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              A Collection of Rhymes

                           Book III - Shades of Cyn

Cynthia Young

CYNTHOLOGY: A Collection of Rhymes Book III - Shades of Cyn is Young's third book in the Cynthology Collection. It includes more original rhymes and reader favorites from the second book. Like the first two books, she continues to describe life situations as she views them, and she covers a variety of subjects.

Grown-up, contemporary, relatable, understandable, and unpredictable is the best way to describe these rhymes.

Young continues to push the envelope with her rhymes. They are sexier, thought provoking, poignant and just plain silly. Her sense of humor is evident in her work, and it takes you through a myriad of twists and turns with unexpected endings that will leave you wanting more.

The sequel to "Honey I'm Home" in Book II is "Hurry Home" More surprises await, so don't be late! Lovers exhaust themselves in "Linger." A visit to the mall starts a brawl in "Smack Down." The question is who's doing who in "Three Hearts" and featuring "Two Kinds of Love," a fan favorite at open-mic

nights. These are just a few of the many entertaining rhymes that keep you turning the pages.

So add Cynthology A Collection of Rhymes Book III - Shades of Cyn to your collection and find your favorites today!

Available at online retailers: (E book or Soft Copy)

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