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Cynthology A Collection of Rhymes

Book II-Electrified

Cynthology Book II- Electrified is Young's latest book in the Cynthology collection. It includes more original rhymes and reader favorites from the first book. Like the first book, she continues to shoot straight from the hip in describing her view on a variety of subjects.

Contemporary, relatable, and understandable is the best way to describe these rhymes.

They are sexy, thought provoking, poignant, and just plain silly. Young's sense of humor is evident in her rhymes, and they take you through twists and turns that can end unexpectedly and often leave you wanting more.

Discover what happens when "Bad Kitty" goes on the prowl, and what made a woman "Draw the Line!" Praise the "Pink Survivors" and find out what happened in "The Wrong House" reminisce with "Cartoons, Cowboys and Superheroes." Revelations are made "In the Closet" and the addict in "Sex Addiction" has a question for you. These are just a few of the many entertaining rhymes that keep you turning the pages.

So don't wait pick up your copy and find your favorites today!

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