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Memoirs of a Caregiver

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Hear the author tell her story in her own words.

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Cynthology A Collection of Rhymes and Memoirs of a Caregiver are available now at:

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Cynthology A Collection of Rhymes is a trilogy of unedited rhymes for adults that express my view of life in Cynthology Electrified and Cynthology Shades of Cyn. They cover a variety of subjects in more than two hundred rhymes that I hope will appeal to the sensibilities of most any reader.

There are touching, thought provoking rhymes that capture and tell stories of life, love, sex, friendship, sorrow and much more.

Check out a few of my favorites like "Touch Me" it will make you want to pull down the shades and close the door. Find the humor in "Sagging Pants" a story of a young man's revelation. "I Don't Want To" speaks of rebellion and regaining control. So don't wait order your copies today and find your favorites. Enjoy!

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