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Excerpted from Cynthology A Collection of Rhymes Book III-Shades of Cyn


I am mesmerized by your beautiful brown eyes and I am engulfed in the

depth of love that I see in them and I can't look away, so I linger

As I kiss your soft full lips your mouth parts and my lips cling to yours

just a bit longer, and I linger

Your body has all the right curves and I swoon at the thought of touching you

my hands enjoy the ride down your spine across your butt and inside your thighs

Sweeping you into my arms and holding you, I don't want to let you go, we make

love for hours and I know, while I'm inside you, I will linger

Your magnetic pull is undeniable, irresistible and I just want to be where you are

loving you with all of my might long into the night

When I run my fingers through your hair, relax, close your eyes and I will

rock you gently to sleep and place warm kisses upon your cheek

While I watch you sleeping in my arms I will count my blessings, for you are

everything I want and you will always linger in my heart